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PCMH Practice performance data

Practice Performance Data 2017

For CO Medicaid Recipients living in the City or County of Denver:

2017: If you live in the City or County of Denver your CO Medicaid is at risk for changing to Denver Health Medicaid Choice. You may not be aware it has changed until you cannot see your current provider on your scheduled appointment day. Your provider is unaware that your CO Medicaid has changed to Denver Health Medicaid Choice until the day of your appointment. You will not be able to be seen and will be instructed to go to Denver Health for care. To avoid this from happening, contact CO Medicaid at (303) 839-2120, or (888) 367-6557, IMMEDIATELY and request that your CO Medicaid not be changed to Denver Health Medicaid Choice, EVER!!! DO NOT WAIT!!

The consumer does have a voice

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Safety Net Clinic Week Video

Let your state and local representatives know how critical Colorado Primary Care Clinic is to provide care to the surrounding communities.

Resources Available for persons affected by the Aurora Century 16 Movie Theater Tragedy

In July 2010, under Colorado Law, advanced practice nurses are allowed to hold private practice. This is the same role as a traditional physician practice model.

If you would like to continue to see your advanced practice nurse in private practice, some commercial insurance, especially Medicare Advantage plans, will not honor an advanced practice nurse on their list of providers. We request your help to change this policy of all commercial insurance companies. Several states have demonstrated that with the support from our patients, we CAN change this policy...and allow unlimited access to healthcare for everyone in Colorado and the nation.

In the state of Colorado, commercial insurance carriers who offer,

Medicare Advantage Plans

are denying advanced practice nurses (nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwifes, clinical nurse specialists) to be your provider in private practice. This means if you see a nurse practitioner/advanced practice nurse in private practice your insurance will not honor the office visit.

TODAY....On behalf of your nurse practitioner/advanced practice nurse write a brief letter or send an email to your commercial insurance carrier and the Colorado State Division of Insurance Commissioner, and request that we allowed on the list of providers as an independent practitioner.


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