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Colorado Primary Care Clinic is pleased to announce

we have reached our goal of 500 community surveys.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our project to collect resource data. 

The data is being compiled and will be presented to the state. Our goal is to use this data to provide Health Equity-Social Determinants of Health resources to the places most in need.

Your participation was critical to obtain vital information to further understand community resource needs.  

Thank you! 

Dr. Dawn & Staff

COVID Vaccination & Health Equity

Dr. Dawn Interview with Aurora Mayor Coffman

Watch Now!

COVID-19 Vaccine is SAFE!  Learn more...Watch Now!

We Stand in Support of

Black Lives Matter!

LGBTQ+ populations

all disenfranchised minority populations!

Remember to Wash Your Hands

Here's How...

For your protection and ours from COVID19, we are back to clinic appointments & telehealth. 

log in using:

use the scroll to select your provider, join the waiting room,

your provider will connect the call to care for your health care needs.

Household bleach or any other cleaning product used to clean your home/apt,


or any other household cleaning product.  

It may kill you! It may be FATAL!

Household bleach or any other cleaning product used to clean your home/apt,

is NOT SAFE TO INJECT into your vein, muscle, or fat tissue!  

It may kill you! It may be FATAL!

Follow the recommendations of Dr. Fauci from NIH


Chloroquine for use to clean fish tanks/aquariums CANNOT be ingested by mouth in people.

Please DO NOT take Chloroquine period to treat COVID-19

Follow the recommendations of Dr. Fauci from NIH

Do not consume by mouth or any other form of any concentration of Ivermectin.

It is not an approved treatment for COVID-19!  It is a treatment for parasites in farm animals!


Colorado Primary Care Clinic is open for business as usual 

AND is using all means available to keep our staff and patients healthy and safe! 


Please review ONLY the NIH, CDC and State Health Department guidelines for accurate, up to date COVID 19 information.  

Certain social media postings are offering dangerous and wrong information 

regarding COVID 19 "Cures".  



  CPCCI recognizes and is acutely aware that we are all going through very tough, uncertain times right now.  We pledge to provide everyone with accurate information.  We must all pull together and join together in keeping everyone safe and healthy. The staff is doing a great job providing everyone with the most accurate information we have available to answer your questions. 

We will all get through this TOGETHER!


Be Well.....Stay safe....Dr. Dawn and staff!

CDC Info on Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Click HERE for the direct link

Accepting New Medicare Clients

Check with your insurance first,

Colorado Primary Care Clinic

is Accepting MOST major insurance.

call 303.343.9500 for an appointment.

Now Accepting Anthem BCBS Clients!

Accepting new Pediatric,

Adult, & Geriatric clients!

Accepting new Colorado Medicaid & most Commercial Insurances

Colorado Primary Care Clinic Earns

National Recognition in January 2021

For Patient-Centered Care

Colorado Primary Care Clinic Receives

Colorado Senate Recognition

from Senator Rhonda Fields

during Women's History Month

(March 2018)

for its healthcare quality and

leadership as a female-owned business

 Business Hours:

Mon, Wed, Thurs, 8:00am-5:00pm

Tues 8:00am-7pm, Friday 8:00am-3pm

Closed 12noon -1pm

for lunch and training daily

Closed Sat & Sun

Please Note:

We do not have the necessary resources to accept

chronic pain management clients!

Colorado Primary Care Clinic Address & Contact Information

2600 South Parker Rd, Bldg 2-120, Aurora CO 80014

Phone: (303) 343-9500

Fax: (303) 343-9506

Make an Online Appointment with our providers

If you arrive more than 9 minutes late

for your appointment you will be asked to reschedule your office visit.

It is the patient's responsibility to provide all necessary paperwork when requesting disability. You MUST be an established patient for no less than 2 years before your provider will discuss disability with you.

CPCCI is conveniently located along the major RTD bus routes. 

Making the Most out of your visit time

• Arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete new patient check-in paperwork.

• Bring to every visit:

• Photo ID

• Insurance Card(s)

• Co-Payment

• A translator, if necessary.

• CPCCI & Our Patients work cooperatively to provide high quality, cost efficient care.

Making the Most out of your visit time

• Bring copies of your medical record(s).

• Prepare a list of your illnesses.

• Prepare a list of your Medication(s) or bring your pill bottle(s).

• Bring copies of any test reports or xrays/CT scans/MRI studies.

• Bring any forms to be completed-please allow the provider 7 days to complete the form.

• Prepare a list of visit related questions for your provider.

Eliminate Managed Care Medicaid in Colorado, click the link, read the full article. To date, nothing has been done by legislators or CO Medicaid, disappointing!

Read More

2015 Safety Net Clinic Week

Mayoral Proclamation for

Colorado Primary Care Clinic

Click Here

Access to Care Complaints

against University Hospital

Read this

Full Access to Care TV News Story

regarding Access to Care Complaints

against University Hospital

If you have been denied access to care at University of Colorado Hospital

contact Denver-Channel 6 RMPBS, and share your story!

Send a quick email to,

Then, Contact,

Executive Director,

Health Care Policy and Finance

(Colorado Medicaid)

at (303) 866-2993

Voice your story of being denied access to care by

University of Colorado Hospital.

When more people speak up, the situation will change!

University of Colorado Hospital

Specialty care services

is critical to supporting and assisting with the ongoing delivery of primary care.

Speak out on behalf of open access to specialty for all Medicaid clients in and around

the Aurora metro area...

Read here

and speak up!

Has University Hospital ignored and abandon its published community mission?

Read here

You be the judge?

2014 Safety Net Clinic Week

City of Aurora Proclamation

2013 Safety Net Clinic Week Videos

Video Celebrating Providers of Care

Video Celebrating Patients Who Benefit

Let your state and local representatives know how critical Colorado Primary Care Clinic

is to providing health care to the local communities within Aurora and beyond!

Insurance Companies Block

Nurse more...

then think about who you select as your health care insurance company.

Learn more about

health care systems

that work around the world.

Then ASK the tough questions

and hold our congress and insurers accountable.

No Insurance No Worries,

Affordable Rates

*Please note payment is due

at the time services are provided.

Our Company Mission

Colorado Primary Care Clinic, Inc. is focused on providing high-quality service, customer satisfaction, and access to primary care. We provide the highest quality, cost effective care, at affordable pricing. We will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

We respect you have a choice in primary care providers.

We look forward to earning your trust and business.

Check back often for updates to our website.

There is much more to come!

Call and schedule an appointment today.

(303) 343-9500

Thanks for visiting!

Our Business continues to Grow from your referrals!

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